„Everbody, who pays a little attention, knows that it’s not the river flowing through the city at night, but the city, this huge ship departs. Its strict and quiet sailors weigh the anchor, the many cumbersome chains with huge links rattle and at first, slowly and heavily, then more dynamically the city starts, and the hills nearby sail with it, the trees bend cracking, the towers tremble, and we cruise, only the clouds and the stars can keep up with us.
Destination Japan.”

(Zoltán Kőrösi)

The Japanese and Hungarian collaborative exhibition Mizu / Víz /Water opened on both sides of the river Danube at A38 Exhibition Space and at the Collection of Local History of Ferencváros on 29 June 2011.
The visitors invited were transported from Pest to A38 Ship in Buda on a one-hour boat trip.
On 10 July, the material of the exhibitions switched places, thus putting the works into a new context.
This film presents these four exhibitions.


Participating artist:

Asztalos, Zsolt - painter
Borkovics, Péter - glass designer
Brückner, János - painter
Dörögdi, Orsolya - metalwork designer
Fujiwara, Kazuko - painter
Fujiwara, Masaki - visual artist
Giczy, Kristóf - graphic artist
Hatsuda, Hisashi - painter
Hibana, Haruko - visual artist
Iwasawa, Arimichi - painter
Kinugasa, Taisuke - painter
Kizima, Chikako - painter
Krulik, Ábel - photographer
Noguchi, Chitose - visual artist
Pásti, Nóra - graphic artist
Simon, Viktória - metalwork designer
Simon, Zsolt József - china designer
Szilágyi, Erzsébet - sculptor
Tsuchihashi, Akira - china designer
Watanabe, Miwako china designer